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Product Hunt Launch Checklist

Ensure a successful launch on Product Hunt by following this comprehensive checklist, covering everything from timeline preparation to special pricing plans.

Pre-Launch Preparation

  • Finalize the product name and tagline to ensure clarity and appeal.
  • Animate the logo as a GIF for engaging visual content.
  • Prepare a concise, YouTube thumbnail-like image for the gallery.
  • Create an inspiring product description, detailing the idea's origin and its unique value proposition.
  • Set up special pricing plans for Product Hunt users to show appreciation and attract early adopters.
  • Design a Product Hunt-specific product offer to be displayed for visitors coming through Product Hunt referrals.
  • Ensure the launch is scheduled at an optimal time by researching peak engagement times on Product Hunt

Launch Day Activities

  • Generate a launch video to share on social media, highlighting key features and the product's value.
  • Pin a tweet about the Product Hunt launch, ensuring it stands out and attracts engagement.
  • Add a Product Hunt branded badge to the landing page, linking back to the Product Hunt page.
  • Announce the launch on Reddit and Hacker News, with a compelling headline and a personal backstory in the comments..

Post-Launch Follow-Up

  • Monitor and respond to comments and feedback on the Product Hunt page promptly.
  • Share updates and milestones achieved post-launch to keep the community engaged.
  • Evaluate the launch's success by tracking metrics such as upvotes, comments, and referral traffic.

Remember, the goal is to not only launch but to create a memorable and impactful presence on Product Hunt that drives engagement and adoption of your product. Good luck!

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