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Launch Content Hierarchy and Timeline

Given the tight timeline, this revised schedule focuses on essential tasks that need to be completed today, tomorrow, and on Monday for the Product Hunt launch. The aim is to ensure all critical promotional activities are effectively executed within the available time frame.

Thursday (Today)

  • Morning: Finalize the main Product Hunt post draft, ensuring a compelling narrative and clear value proposition.
  • Afternoon: Draft the promotional tweets and create the Twitter ad focusing on key product features. Start drafting the Hacker News and Reddit posts, tailoring content to each platform's audience.
  • Evening: Send personalized emails to a selected list of friends and key influencers, informing them about the upcoming launch and requesting their support.

Friday (Tomorrow)

  • Morning: Finalize and schedule the promotional tweets to go live at strategic times around the launch. Review and finalize the Hacker News and Reddit posts.
  • Afternoon: Schedule the Twitter ad to launch shortly after the Product Hunt post goes live. Prepare a reminder email template for friends and influencers to be sent on launch day.
  • Evening: Double-check all scheduled posts and ads to ensure everything is set correctly. Prepare any last-minute adjustments or backup plans.

Saturday and Sunday (Preparation)

  • Flexible Time: Engage in light preparations, such as reviewing the Product Hunt, Hacker News, and Reddit submissions for any final tweaks. Prepare responses to potential questions or comments.

Monday (Launch Day)

  • Early Morning (European Time): Submit the main Product Hunt post to align with Pacific morning hours. Monitor for immediate feedback or technical issues.
  • Midday (European Time): Launch the Hacker News and Reddit posts. Begin monitoring and engaging with comments across all platforms.
  • Afternoon (European Time): Send out the reminder emails to the list of friends and influencers. Monitor the Twitter ad's performance and adjust targeting if necessary.


  • The success of Monday's launch heavily relies on the groundwork laid today and tomorrow, especially in finalizing and scheduling all promotional content.
  • The effectiveness of the Twitter ad campaign is contingent upon the initial buzz generated by the Product Hunt post and the subsequent engagement on Hacker News and Reddit.

This condensed timeline emphasizes the importance of efficiency and focus in the final days leading up to the launch, ensuring a successful and impactful product introduction.

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